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  • We separate the reputable & transparent organizations from those nefarious ones that misrepresent and mislead the public.


  • We drive customers to member locations and increase collections through our public website (FAB). FAB is the North American public web Bin-Locator for Association-Certified organizations

  • We provide a clear visual representation by providing mandatory current year Certified Location (CLD) decals to be affixed and displayed at all drop-off locations/bins

  • We provide exclusive use of ACBO’s logos for marketing and branding purposes


  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We provide a digital and print marketing platform to validate and showcase your good standing

  • We provide our members with a comprehensive list of buyers and suppliers throughout the world

  • We offer our operator members their own Bin-Locator tool for their websites, free of charge

  • We reward our members annually for their outstanding service via a unique awards program

  • We created and will annually promote the celebration of “National Donation Bin Day” on September 1st

  • We provide ongoing regulatory lobbying efforts

  • We educate the public on the positive impact the secondhand clothing industry has on humanity, the economy, and the environment​​

Welcome to ACBO

The Association of Certified Bin Operators (ACBO) is the the first and only independent third party certification platform for the textile/second-hand clothing collections industry. Serving the entire United States, Canada and soon Europe. ACBO officially certifies and promotes both private sector and nonprofit organizations in the clothing collections industry.